“As a first time horse owner, and a relatively inexperienced rider and horsewoman in my early 50’s, you would think I would be completely overwhelmed and filled with trepidation!  Well, I was (just a little)… But I know for a fact that I would not be fulfilling my lifelong dream of owning a horse without the help of Lesley and all the super friendly people at Lesley Cox Equestrian.  Lesley not only helped me find Zach (my forever horse that is perfectly suited for me), she also patiently teaches me, little by little, what I need to know to be a better horsewoman.   I love just being at the barn and watching the various levels of riders and how they interact with their horses and each other.  Lesley knows when to introduce us to new skills and she has a good sense of how much we can take on at once (physically and mentally!).  I am so thankful to have Lesley and all my new barn friends in my life.” — Cathy Croce


“Evie joined the LCE family in 2007.  We were previously at a couple of different barns until we finally found a place we could call  “home”.  Lesley Cox is more then just a trainer, she genuinely cares for Evie and  would do anything for her clients/friends and is always going over and beyond. She brought the most perfect horse (Viktor) into our lives, that we have grown to love. Lesley  is an excellent instructor and encourages Evie to excel by introducing new techniques and mastering the fundamentals. She keeps the lessons fresh and always considers Evie and Viktor’s safety first! The horse shows are such a  fun  experience; Evie has grown so much as a rider and loves showing and being with her friends. The best part about being part of LCE is that now I too have grown to love this sport and majestic animal. Evie and I have formed a special bond by riding and just being together as mother and daughter.  Thank you Lesley for allowing us to be a part of your amazing  family and guiding us along the way.” –Evie & Kerrie Harbord


“The Lesley Cox Equestrian Family is awesome.  Lesley is an amazing trainer and rider!  The barn is well maintained and there is always open communication with Lesley, the vet and the farrier; my horse and my best interest is always first priority. What more could anyone ask for!” — Karen Girvin


“I have kept my Arabian stallion, Shakkan, at Lesley Cox Equestrian since 2010. I began a training program with Lesley after deciding to switch from hunter pleasure showing to jumping. This was a big career switch for me because, while I’ve been riding most of my life, this was my first foray into the hunter/jumper world. It was also a big switch for Shakkan, but it was good for him too because he was quickly growing bored and needed a new job. Both of us love learning new things and Lesley is an exceptionally patient teacher who’s willing to customize a program to fit the horse and rider team. She has worked closely with me to set goals and to devise a training and lesson program that fits into my busy schedule. Lesley is not only an accomplished rider, trainer and instructor, she has the rare ability to understand what people need, which is often very different from what they may want. Plus, she communicates in a way that doesn’t demean or discourage. She’s certainly helped Shakkan and me pursue a whole new riding discipline and we’re both having a blast.” — Marjorie Bulone


“Lesley customizes care and feeding to the individual horse’s needs  No cookie cutter care here! My Tommy Boy  is thriving. Thanks Lesley, you’re the best!” — Laurette